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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jun 1, 2010 3:02am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: April 1970

When I go through every show like this, I often hit ones I've neglected too... (And sometimes it reminds me why I neglected them!) But it does help put the highlights in context, seeing how things develop.

I feel the same way about the missing Fillmore West shows... But it's not just because they're "lost" - it's also the context of the month, where almost every show has killer jams - the 9th, 12th, and 15th are way above average - and with Miles Davis hanging around, you know they're playing to impress.

And that Wisconsin show, even with long setbreaks, they must've played everything they knew to go for five hours! That's like one of those Fillmore East play-til-dawn marathons.
I've read, "The band agreed to play for $9500, 1/3 their normal fee as friends of the organizer, and to play for 50 minutes. They ended up playing three sets for nearly 5 hours."
If correct, does that mean their NORMAL fee was nearly $30,000? The figure doesn't seem right.

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Poster: Dudley Dead Date: Jun 1, 2010 7:52am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: April 1970

Another great essay ( no surprise )! These lost shows from the first half of 70... man oh man, does that hurt ! When I think about missing shows from 70, I , of course think of the latter part of the year . That 4/26 show is especially intriguing, and a tragic loss .
I am not as big of a 70 honk as you and many others here , ( your posts are changing that ) but the jams this year are always interesting, and a missing Dark Star , from this year is indeed tragic !
Again thanks .

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Poster: Dhamma1 Date: Jun 2, 2010 6:38pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: April 1970

$9500: I heard that independently from two different people I interviewed for the article -- Pete Bobo the producer and one of his attorneys. It struck me as high, too, but I'm pretty ignorant about the business history of rock n roll.

The complete article, BTW, will be online in a few weeks and I'll post the link here when it appears.

It was at this Poynette show that Sparky Raizene joined the Dead's crew; I believe he stayed for 20 years. Another tech person at the event, who followed them for decades, told me it was one of their best shows ever. Easy to believe, too, after reading LIA's essay. And since Harpur College is just a week later.

I wish the tapes would turn up...

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Poster: Jim F Date: Jun 1, 2010 11:52pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: April 1970

Yeah, 30 grand to play less than an hour (which by itself is a laughable concept for the Dead. Maybe in 1966, but 50 minutes in 1970 is just barely a warmup)? In 1970 dollars that would be quite a sum. If that was their going rate, I don't think they would have been near as broke as they were all those years. That must be an error. Maybe he meant $950.

And yes, I agree with you on the Fillmore shows. I think they stepped up a bit, there is a consistency, and the Miles factor surely must be considered. As we have a couple period Dark Stars surrounding the April run (though not nearly enough), for me the real treat would be the Alligator>Caution. That once common and classic pairing had all but disappeared by then, and I would love to hear how it had evolved in that era of typically fine jamming.

In the past I have neglected a lot of 1970, mainly due to the lack of good quality tapes compared to other years. But I recently acquired the whole year as well as become quite the AUD fan, and have discovered a lot of little hidden gems in there. Stuff I didn't expect to find based on setlists alone.

I've never been as hot on 4/15 as other people. But 4/12 is a beast. I still say that's my favorite Dancin' of the year. Hate me all you want, 5/2/70 defenders! :-P